About Us


A Therapeutic Spa of Olympic Proportions

Don’t let our name fool you – we’re masters of much more than just massage.

Founded by Stanley Grod, a licensed physical therapist since 1971, Massage Masters opened in 1979 with a goal of providing therapeutic services to help people in the Los Angeles area feel and perform their best. As the supervisor of the elite international sports massage team for two Olympics (1984 Los Angeles, 2004 Athens), Stan witnessed first hand the benefits of massage on overall performance.

Wanting to create a true day spa experience, additional service options including skin care and spa body therapies are also available in our well-equipped day spa featuring amenities like locker rooms, steam and shower facilities, plush robes and an overall environment that relaxes you the moment you step inside the front door.

Breathe deep and watch stress disappear

Now located in Sherman Oaks, Massage Masters also offers customers a rare opportunity to experience the healing benefits of our dedicated Salt Chalet. In addition to helping with respiratory illnesses like asthma, allergies, bronchitis and sinus infections, salt therapy can also help many skin diseases including eczema, acne, and more. The reason is because the salt that we use originates from the Dead Sea.

Massage treatments we’ve mastered

At Massage Masters we offer a variety of the most popular massage methods:

The most traditional form of massage in the Western culture. This type of massage improves circulation through the use of special techniques such as effleurage and petrissage. This is a great way to reduce stress and pamper yourself.

The Massage Therapist will concentrate on specific problem areas by using a variety of techniques tailored to your personal needs.

This style of massage will help to reduce aches and pains associated with developmental changes that occur with pregnancy. Massage is not recommended in the first trimester. High risk pregnancies require MD's approval.

This style of massage is geared to improve athletic performance by giving attention to the specific areas utilized most during the athlete's sport.

A traditional Asian technique that stimulates the nerve endings in the hands and/or feet relaxing the corresponding muscles and organs throughout the body.

Deep Tissue
A style of massage that works on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue to reduce built-up tensions in the body.

Pressure is applied with the finger tips only. This creates a smooth flow of vibratory energy throughout the body by contacting various medians on the pathways which relate to the glands, organs and cells.

A form of acupressure, done almost entirely with the balls of the thumbs

Have our professional massage staff help you to create the perfect combination of techniques to assure ideal treatment.